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What is the Big Ideas Math Integrated High School program?

The Big Ideas Math Integrated Mathematics I, II, and III program was developed using the consistent, dependable learning and instructional theory that have become synonymous with Big Ideas Math. In Integrated Mathematics I, students will study linear and exponential equations and functions. Students will use linear regression and perform data analysis. They will also learn about geometry topics such as simple proofs, congruence, and transformations. Integrated Mathematics II expands into quadratic, absolute value, and other functions. Students will also explore polynomial equations and factoring, and probability and its applications. Coverage of geometry topics extends to polygon relationships, proofs, similarity, trigonometry, circles, and three-dimensional figures. In Integrated Mathematics III, students will expand their understanding of area and volume with geometric modeling, which students will apply throughout the course as they learn new types of functions. Students will study polynomial, radical, logarithmic, rational, and trigonometric functions. They will also learn how visual displays and statistics relate to different types of data and probability distributions.

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