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Do the materials give all students extensive work with course-level problems?

Students make progress during each course, taking their previous knowledge and finding ways to apply it to new concepts. From opening to closing of each lesson, Big Ideas Math has several resources with extensive course-level problems. In the Record and Practice Journal/Student Journal where students can take guided notes, there are extra Practice worksheets for students to practice the lesson content. In the Resources by Chapter, teachers have access to a variety of worksheets they can use with their students, in addition to daily classroom support. There are warm ups for every lesson. The Start Thinking involves conceptual questions to get the students ready for the lesson. The Warm Ups are skill questions that students have previously learned either in an earlier grade or earlier in the course, and are skills necessary for the lesson. The Cumulative Warm Up (HS only) contains skill questions from any point in the course. There are also two different Practice worksheets for every lesson, in addition to an Enrichment and Extension for high-performing students. Additionally, there are Puzzle Time worksheets that encourage the students to complete more course-level work while solving a riddle.

In Laurie’s Notes in the Teaching Edition, Laurie provides a suggestion for closing each lesson. From a few practice problems to writing in a journal with writing prompts, students are forced to think about the mathematical content they just learned. There are also Mini-Assessments included in the Teaching Edition with each lesson so teachers can formatively assess their students.

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