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Do the materials include a variety of curriculum-embedded assessments, including pre-, formative, summative, and self-assessment resources?

In the Student Edition, there are Chapter Quizzes, Tests, and Cumulative Assessments. Formative assessments are built into every lesson with the Monitoring Progress and On Your Own questions. Students should answer these questions after each example to show understanding of the example. Laurie’s Notes have built in formative assessment tips through questioning techniques and various strategies for teachers.

There is a Prerequisite Test, a Pre-Course Test, and a Post-Course Test in the Assessment Book, which also has summative assessments for chapter quizzes, tests, and performance tasks. Online Assessments are available on the website. Students can check their work and receive immediate feedback to know what they should study. Through the Dynamic Assessment System, students can complete their homework online and receive immediate feedback. There are direct ties to remediation when students answer incorrectly, taking the students to the appropriate Lesson Tutorial Video and section. Students can also take high quality, technology-enhanced tests online which are automatically graded as well. There is also practice tests for every chapter. Students will know at the end of the practice test which questions were answered correctly, and which ones they should study. Teachers can even view reports on student progress, like Assignment Performance and Remediation.  

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