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What is Single Sign-On?

Big Ideas Learning supports roster synchronization and single sign-on through Clever.

Instant Login is the easiest way for students, teachers, and admins to log in to applications - it provides single sign on (SSO) access to all online learning applications in the same place. No longer to students, teachers, or administrators need to waste time juggling multiple usernames and passwords! Instant Login is the next step in making it easier to use technology in the classroom.

How does Instant Login Work?

Whether it’s Google, ADFS, SIS-stored credentials, or another Identity Provider, many schools have a username and password that students already use to access technology at their school site. Instant Login allows you to use that same system to authenticate users for learning applications, rather than creating new credentials each time.

For a list of supported Identity Providers, please click here.

Using Instant Login with the Clever Portal

As part of Instant Login, we offer a free Clever Portal - through this portal, students and teachers can access their learning programs in 3 easy steps:

  1. Navigate to your district’s unique Instant Login URL;
  2. Type in their universal login and password; and
  3. Access all of the Instant Login apps their school or district has linked with Clever!

You can customize your Clever Portal to include links to additional resources. For more information, please see Adding Additional Resources to your Clever Portal.

Using Instant Login with your existing SSO Portal/Application Launch Page

Instant Login is designed to work alongside your existing portal, not against it.

You can allow users to authenticate to applications using their universal credentials without using the Clever portal by embedding Instant Login links to your SSO portal, learning management system, or application launch page.

‘Log in with Clever’ Buttons

Some applications have added “Log in with Clever” buttons to their login pages and mobile apps. This button allows your users to log in to the application with their universal credentials!

For more information;

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