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Do the materials relate course-level concepts explicitly to prior knowledge from earlier grades or courses?

Each chapter opener has a page called What You Learned Before/Maintaining Mathematical Proficiency. These pages contain two skills reviewing prior grade level content that is necessary for the upcoming chapter. If a teacher notices that students are struggling with these concepts, they can take them to the corresponding topic in the Skills Review Handbook. Students will see an example worked out and have the extra practice they need to master the necessary skills. The Skills Review Handbook is available online so students can use it whenever they need it, and it comes with answers so they can check their work to know they are truly grasping the concepts.

At the end of every exercise set is a set of Fair Game Review/Maintaining Mathematical Proficiency exercises. These exercises review skills necessary for the next lesson. They come with a note directing students to either the Skills Review Handbook or an earlier lesson where they can go to get help. The Game Closet is another great tool students can use to practice skills. There are games that involve both high school and middle school content. Students can review skills in a fun and interactive way where they can help and learn from each other.

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