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Do the materials support the development of students' conceptual understanding of key mathematical concepts?

Big Ideas Math puts a strong emphasis on conceptual understanding. Activities/Explorations focus on discovery learning and develop students’ conceptual understanding. From there, Key Ideas/Core Concepts in the lessons have their own design so students can quickly call their attention to important information. Throughout each exercise set, students are expected to explain their reasoning from skill sets to applications. In High School, the blue inline heads in the exercise sets call upon the Mathematical Practices, ensuring students reach these standards on a daily basis. Some of these inline heads naturally require conceptual understanding, like Error Analysis, Making an Argument, How Do You See It?, Reasoning, and Critical Thinking, and appear in every Exercise set. The Middle School program also has Error Analysis, Critical Thinking, Reasoning, and Writing exercises, as well as inline heads that focus on the topic of the application problems.

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