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The Dynamic Classroom

The Dynamic Classroom is an online interactive presentation tool which provides teachers a mechanism for teaching their lesson, in a 21st century classroom. Teachers can present their lessons and can access all of the online resources that supplement every section of the program at point of use, such as Dynamic Investigations, Real-Life STEM Videos, and Lesson Tutorial Videos. 

The Dynamic Classroom tool is accessible through the teacher resource library and can be found at the book, chapter, and section levels.

If you search for the Dynamic Classroom at the chapter level, the STEM video for that chapter will be available. 

If you search for the Dynamic Classroom at the section level, only the section you are using will show along with the resources for that section. 

The following features are available through the Dynamic Classroom: 

  • Start Thinking: Gives students a real-life situation to think about to prepare them for the lesson ahead.
  • Warm Up (with answers): Provides click by click questions with answers to begin the section.
  • Record and Practice Student Journal: Available in PDF format for each lesson
  • Dynamic Investigations: Powered by Desmos® and GeoGebra®; correlate to the Activities and Explorations so students can further solidify their conceptual understanding. 
  • Interactive Activity Expression Tool: Provides the ability to drag pieces of the answer to the screen to model some activities. 
  • Examples: Gives examples with clickable stepped-out solutions.
  • On Your Own/Monitoring Progress: Provides teachers with a formative assessment tool to assess students' understanding of examples; answers available by clicking the screen.
  • Mini Assessment (with answers): Provides click by click questions with answers
  • Closure (with answers): Gives final exercises to close the  section; answers available by clicking the screen.
  • Answer Presentation Tool: Selects the Book, Chapter, and Section and provides answers for exercises; worked out solutions available by clicking each answer. 


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