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Unable to load/submit an assessment?

  • Assessments that will not submit

    • Turn on private browsing or incognito mode in your browser.
    • When an assessment cannot be submitted, the stored records for the assessment are out of sync, preventing the saving of data. If this occurs, the assessment will never submit.
      • When a test is corrupted/out of sync, a message should pop up informing the user that an issue has occurred and that the test will need reassigned. This should prevent any time spent on assessments that cannot be recorded.
      • Note that teachers only need to reassign the assignment to the students who receive the error message.
      • Depending on bandwidth, sometimes assessments take longer to submit. Please allow time for the submission to occur before navigating elsewhere.
      • A progress bar has been added to indicate that processing is occurring.
  • Assessments that will not load

    • Assessments can vary in size (1 MB – 3 MB, determined by number of questions and the types of questions). Depending on bandwidth, this can sometimes take a few moments to load. Please allow up to 5 minutes for an assessment to load. If you think it is a bandwidth issue, try to have the students stagger their start and submit times.
    • If an assessment cannot be previewed by the instructor, or taken by even one student, please contact Big Ideas Learning Tech Support to report the assignment details.
  • Troubleshooting and Preventative Steps
    • Make sure you are connected to the Internet.
    • If there is a connection issue, a pop-up will inform the user of the situation and will caution them not to close the assessment window until a connection is reestablished and the assignment is submitted successfully.
    • Verify your signal strength is strong if using a wireless connection.
    • The recommended bandwidth (per user on the network) for taking an assessment is at least 1 Mbps, though tests have been successfully conducted with connections as slow as 50 Kbps.
    • Do not click the back button, refresh the page, or close out of the browser without saving or submitting the test. Pop-ups will inform the user of the unadvisable navigation.
    • Use only the navigation provided in the dropdown under the user name (Submit/Save & Exit/Log Out).
    • Wait for the assignment to load/submit completely before closing the tab or browser window.
    • Make sure you are logged in to
    • Follow any instructions given in pop ups when using the assessment tool.
    • If the assignment is opened in a separate tab, do not close or log out of the other Big Ideas Math tabs.
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