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Math Tool Paper

The Math Tool Paper contains resources to make lessons go smoother for teachers and students. Using the Math Tool Paper, students do not need to take time to create input-output tables, number lines, grid lines, or 3-D objects, among others. The middle school Math Tool Paper contains the 4-Step Plan, Fractions, Decimals and Number Lines, Graphic Organizers, Measurement, Financial Literacy and Maps, Functions and Coordinate Graphs, Geometry, Manipulatives, and Paper. The high school Math Tool Paper contains the Four Step Approach to Problem Solving, Number Lines, Manipulatives, Formative Assessment, Geometry, Functions and Coordinate Graphs, Paper, Statistics, and Graphic Organizers.

The Math Tool Paper is accessible through the online Teacher Resource Library in the Featured Resources as well as Course Resources. Students can find the Math Tool paper in the Student Resource Library and as an embedded link in the Student Dynamic eBook app.

  1. Online Teacher Resource:
  2. Student Resource Library:
  3. Student Dynamic eBook App
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