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How do teachers and students access the online materials over the summer?

Students will only be able to access the Big Ideas Math content if they are assigned to an active class. An active class has an end date that is not in the past. If a student is not in an active class, they can still view their book on our free Easy Access Materials webpage.

Self-Registration Users:
Self-registered teachers may continue to use their logins all year. If a teacher would like their students to continue to access their book over the summer, they will need to make sure they are assigned to a book in an active class. If the teacher deletes the class, the student will lose access to the content. Students should continue to use the same username and password that they have been using all year and not register a new account when the new school year starts.

ClassLink Users:
ClassLink teachers may continue to use their ClassLink logins as long as their district is still sharing their data with us. Students will need to be assigned to an active class in order to access the content over the summer. Please contact your district IT department if you need to share a summer class through CllassLink.

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