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How do I copy or duplicate an assignment?

Teachers have the ability to create copies or duplicates of an assignment to give to other classes. Begin by creating an assignment. Choose your problems, students, start date, end date, and name the version.

Once you have made your selections, go to Step 7: “Assign to additional classes.”

You may choose another class to assign the same problem set to. You can choose to assign the problems now or at a later date. Once the dates and times have been selected, click “Save” or “Save & Add Another.”

The additional assignment(s) will appear once they are saved. If other classes need to be added, click “Add a class” and pick any additional classes to receive the assignment.

After all classes have been added, click “Add to queue.” When you are ready, you may click “Assign” at the bottom of the page to release the assignments to your classes.


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